Monday, October 10, 2005

Pay no attention to the man behind the HTML

Minor miscellany.

First, thanks to Andrew for pointing out a typo in a previous post. I actually am kind of anal about this stuff, so I'll try and fix them when I see them. Part of the problem is, in case you haven't been able to tell yet, I do absolutely no editing on any of these. I'll type them up, usually over a couple of sessions, then run a quick spell check (which has limited usefulness!) and post. I'll generally go through and re-read my posts sometime when I'm bored a few weeks later, and will tweak a few minor things. These posts currently are just an outlet for my mind to spew whatever it's been thinking about, and occasionally to capture what I did at a particular time so I can remember years from now what it was like to be 25 and new to Northern California. They aren't great writing or anything close to it. Still, I'd like to pretend I have at least some standards, and correcting typos will be one of them.

So, don't think Andrew is insane. He's just pointing out a spelling mistake I have since corrected.

What else... oh, this probably impacts nobody, but I found a way to stop comment spam. Go to Settings, make sure you're in the Basic tab, and then set "Add your Blog to our listings?" to "No." The downside is that it decreases the chance of people randomly stumbling on your blog; since I'm deliberately trying to make my blog hard to access, that isn't a problem for me. Since I made that change I haven't had to delete any comment spam, as opposed to roughly one comment for every new post.

Three posts in one day is VERY unusual. I already had the ideas for the first two down and just threw them together over breaks at work today. I obviously don't have any sort of schedule, but I seem to be settling into roughly a once- or twice-weekly rhythm. I'm headed out in about 30 minutes to visit Google's campus for a talk on mobile search, so maybe that will be fodder for a future post. (Or maybe it'll be my reaction to "Steamboy" and how it reminded me of Kurt Vonnegut's graduation speech to MIT. Stay tuned!)

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