Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What Kate Did

Thoughts on Lost. Every sentence in this post contains a spoiler.

I go through the same cycle everytime I see one of Kate's flashbacks. As it starts, I go, "Oooh, now I'll be able to find out whether she's really bad or not." As it gets moving I think, "Okay, I can see how circumstances would bring her here." By the end I think "Well, I guess I misjudged her. It would be nice if she was a villain, but she's just this mixed-up kid on the lam." Later that night, I sit bolt upright in bed and say, "Waitaminute! She BLEW UP her OWN FATHER because she didn't want to be related to him?!"

This is really just rationalizing on my part; I want so badly for her to be a vengeful angel of death that I naturally orient towards facts which support my theory. Still, I stand by my original premise: if she wasn't so cute and expressive, we viewers would find her far more disturbing and untrustworthy.

Oh, and while it's pretty soap-opera-ish, I am looking forward to the new world order of relationships. The Sawyer/Kate/Jack love triangle had done pretty much all it could. Sawyer/Kate has some promise (I'm holding out hope that they will morph into the "Bonnie and Clyde" of the island as Kate tempts him into a life of wild violence), but I'm really gearing up for Jack/Ana-Lucia pairing. The Jack/Locke division nicely teases out the conflict between reason and faith; the new relationship will hopefully do the same for order and passion. The behaviors which were lifesaving in the wilderness become liabilities within civilization, although A-L will argue that they are just as necessary here.

Sure, I know some people are annoyed by Ana Lucia. Some may even wish her bodily harm. By equating everyone with a metaphysical principle, I find it's easier to enjoy everyone on the island.

(In case you were wondering, Boone's metaphysical principle was annoyingness.)

Anyways. Mr. Eko is my favorite tail section person. Seaking of divisions, I'm wondering if his doctrine-based faith will conflict with Locke's experience-based faith. (Sounds like an oxymoron, but you know what I mean - Locke believes because of what he has experienced, he's like a prophet. Mr. Eko is more rooted and secure in his faith, but lacks some of the visceral connection Locke has.)

Predictions for January? I dunno. I hope we'll see another "Incident" in Sector 3, but I kind of doubt it. Charlie and/or Claire will finally remember more of what happened to them, and that will prove key to getting back Walt, who is not dead, but just using his freaky supernatural powers. (I still am not sure if that's really him at the computer or not.) And, uh, hilarity will ensue. The end.

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