Monday, January 16, 2006

Facebook me!

I am a follower. Everyone on The Facebook seems to have more fun than me, so I've decided to go with the crowd and sign up too. Now I have a profile on Facebook! If you're on as well, please let me join your social network! I promise I'll be very quiet and sit in the back and won't bother anyone. I won't tell anyone about that thing you did at 2AM that one night. (Oh, and in case you're curious, this page will definitely continue getting all the journal-type stuff; Facebook is more so I can see all the funny relationships Pat has and hopefully make a few of my own.)


  1. There wasn't a "We went to junior church together" option so I just clicked the one about school instead.

  2. It's cool. We did technically go to school together, too, and it doesn't ask how we FIRST knew each other. Heh, and I just realized that you can select multiple relationships for one person, so it may be expanding more soon...