Sunday, June 04, 2006

Different Town

David has posted his photos from his recent trip out here. He's a much better photographer than I am. He also thought to take pictures of some basic things I haven't gotten around to, like my apartment.

Random thoughts:
  • The funniest thing I've heard in years: "All Things Considered is brought to you by Pabst, makers of Pabst Blue Ribbon." Every time I hear that I think I've slipped into an alternate universe where NPR's most loyal listeners are inebriated hicks.
  • I'm making a lot more Mexican food now that I've moved to California, and I'm not really sure why. The ingrediants aren't any cheaper out here. My only thought is that I see a lot more taquerias now, which makes me think of those foods, which makes me want to make them. In support of this theory, my sausage consumption has dropped to practically nothing since I left the Midwest.
  • The New Yorker remains my favorite magazine ever. My current issue has a really insightful profile of Howard Stringer, the new CEO of Sony. Every other place I've read about him in the press, the gist of the story is "A Welsh guy is in charge of a Japanese corporation! Crazy go nuts!" The New Yorker actually waited a year, saw what he did in the position, and issued a very thought-provoking and interesting perspective on his history, his accomplishments, and what the future might hold for Sony. Highly recommended.

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