Monday, August 28, 2006

Report card

In one of my early posts a year ago, I had a list of ten things I wanted to do in the next year. I figure this is as good a time as any to revisit it.
  1. Walk the boardwalk at Santa Cruz. No. I have visited Santa Cruz, but have not reached the boardwalk yet. It has slid down on my list of priorities, sounds kind of cool now but not necessarily worth a trip over the hill.
  2. Visit the Metreon. Yes. I was underwhelmed, but just because my expectations were too high. The coolest bits (toy store, Sony Style) weren't even on my radar, and the pieces I was looking forward to most (arcade, PlayStation store) weren't as impressive as I'd imagined.
  3. Ride the new VTA line to the airport. Yes. This has been an incredibly useful and unexpected gift, as I previously commented.
  4. Go to a show in downtown San Jose. No. I'm a little curious now why I put this on the list; why specifically in San Jose? I have been to see theater in San Francisco, though. Partial credit?
  5. Hike to the peak of Mount Diablo. Um... no. I didn't have a great grasp of geography when I moved here; I had previously assumed that Mount Diablo was one of the peaks I saw in the Diablo Range. It's actually quite a ways north of here. I do still want to do it; in the meantime, I have hiked to other peaks in the range, including the impressive Mission Peak.
  6. Buy a Verizon phone with my software running on it. No. Decided it wasn't worth the $200 early termination fee. Next year, though! And it will be a cooler phone, with stuff I've done more recently.
  7. Attend a major ethnic festival. Yes. Quite a few, actually. Off the top of my head I can think of the Cherry Blossom festival in San Francisco, Nihonmachi Festival in San Jose, and El Cinco de Mayo in San Jose.
  8. Go to a professional sporting event. No. I want to go to a football game sometime; it would also be fun to see the Warriors or one of the baseball teams. Hockey really isn't my bag, which is a shame since I'm so close to HP Pavillion.
  9. Vote for Mayor. Yes. My guy lost in the initial election; I'll get to vote again in a few months in the general.
  10. Show family and friends around the area. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I knew that I'd get more company than I did in Kansas City, but I've been delighted by the sheer quantity of family and friends who've made the trek westward to visit. I've gone from feeling like a tourist to feeling like a tour guide, and it's a wonderful feeling. What they say is true: you learn more from teaching than you do from studying.
Wow... that gives me exactly a 50% success rate. That's an F in the schools I went to. Here, of course, it just means that I have that many more first experiences still waiting for me. I love this place. It feels like I'll never run out of things to do.

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