Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thing I Hate, #3

Almost every console game I play has a main menu when you start it up. It will have the options "New Game" and "Load Game". I will select the first item once, and the second item anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of times before I beat the game. Yet the first item is selected by default. This is infuriating and should end!


  1. Good point. Fortunately the games I play lately select LOAD by default. Thanks, Rockman Dash Japanese version!

  2. I am jealous! Good to see that more console games are changing, but still, that makes me even angrier that more of them don't. When I think of all the time wasted over the life of a game, multiplied by the hundreds of millions of console gamers out there, it adds up to a serious loss of productivity! That's time which could more profitably be spent killing zombies!