Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Democracy Inaction

Quick update on my dabbling in democracy:

Like I said before, I'm largely out of the loop on super-local political stuff, so I actually didn't find out for a while how the issue of library computer censorship went down.  I finally checked it out, and was cheered by the result: after a very long debate, the council voted 7-3 against installing the filters.  Instead, libraries will remind users about their policies.

So, I'm pretty happy, maybe even pleasantly surprised.  As I noted before, it's hard to argue for good policy when your opponents are claiming harm to children.  It seems like at least part of the reason came down to cost - San Jose is hurting like everyone in this recession, and while filters may be ineffective, they aren't cheap.

One kind of funny aspect to all this: the one person I contacted, Pierluigi Oliviero, was one of the three people to support the filters.  He's the one person who wasn't already on record supporting them.  So, I guess my letter didn't influence him at all - or who knows, maybe I irritated him enough to vote against me?  Either way.  I'm happy enough at the outcome that I'll let this slide when he comes up for re-election.

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