Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Shameless Commerce

I very rarely blog about my job. Partly because I spend all day thinking about it; partly because I'm often working on projects that haven't been announced yet; partly because there's already a wealth of useful technical information available out there.

Anyways, because it's so rare, I hope you'll forgive a quick little plug for my company. Gravity Mobile released MusicID 2 earlier this year, and lately it's been going gangbusters. You may be familiar with similar products from Shazam and Midomi: you can use your phone to "listen" to a piece of recorded music, and it will automatically find out what that song is. MusicID 2 goes above and beyond the other apps, though. I'll cheerfully grant that I'm biased, but even if I didn't work here, I'd think that this app just looks much more gorgeous than the others. (I take no credit for this part - we have some incredible in-house graphic design talent that more than makes up for my lack of the same.) Music recognition is just the beginning, too. You can search and browse through a vast catalog of music, listen to snippets, read the lyrics, purchase content for your phone (wallpapers, ringtones, full tracks where available), save and share your music, and more.

The app was a blast to work on - it's extremely feature-rich while remaining focused. You can do all the cool things with just a few clicks, never getting lost in the weeds. I take some personal pride in this product as I created the BlackBerry version of the app, as well as the touch-screen Java ME versions.

If you want to use it, MusicID 2 is available for AT&T phones. We just released the iPhone version this past month, and it's already up to #4 in the App Store - woo-hoo! It's available for most popular AT&T phones on Media Mall, and comes pre-loaded on most new AT&T phones.

It's been a few months since I worked on this app - as is the way in this business, by the time my products actually come out, I've long since moved onto the next secret thing. I'm extremely proud of this, though... MusicID 2 is the little app that could, and it keeps on getting and doing better. I consider myself extremely lucky to be in a situation where I get paid to write really fun and cool software. Let's hope the trend continues!

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  1. I really ought to get a smart phone! Maps, apps, and bragging about my kid ... :~)