Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My Southwest Vacation: By The Numbers

Parks Visited: 8
National Parks Visited: 6
Bags Packed: 4
Total Miles Driven: 3526
Top Speed (Passing): 98 MPH
Top Speed (Cruising): 90 MPH
Speeding Tickets Received: 0
Warnings: 1
Trails Hiked*: 27
Total Miles Hiked**: 168.2
Mean Backpacking Speed: 2MPH
Median Non-Backpacking Hiking Speed: 3MPH
Injuries: 0
Blisters: 0
Moleskin Patches Applied: 6
Nights Camping: 5
Other Lodgings Visited: 8
Days with Rain: 5
Ranger Programs Attended: 4
Photos Taken: 3126
Photos Kept: 1077
Flowers Photographed: 38
Selfies: 6
Blog Posts Written***: 10
Gifts Purchased: 5
Novels Read: 2
Smiles: Countless

* Trailhead-to-trailhead. So all of Canyonlands is counted as a single trail, even though I technically was on like 7 different named trails, and my first day at Arches was 5 trails, most of which were less than a mile long.
** Only counting distance on the aforementioned trails, not in park facilities or wandering canyon rims in stupefied awe.
*** Including this one.

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