Sunday, August 28, 2005

Clint Eastwood

At eleven days, here are eleven things about the Bay Area that still feel strange to me (although not bad).
  1. Incredibly narrow right-turn lanes.
  2. Supermarkets without cart corrals, so carts are strewn all over the parking lot.
  3. People openly discussing their marijuana use, in public and private discourse.
  4. Still not knowing whether I'm in San Jose South or San Jose West.
  5. The people who are either hobos or pushcart vendors, I still can't tell for sure.
  6. Not using your blinker when in a turn-only lane.
  7. Simpsons starting at 8PM, but actually 3 hours after my Midwest possee has seen it.
  8. Bicycles! Bicycles everywhere!
  9. Going for long hikes without any mosquitoes to contend with.
  10. Spanish names for everything important (cities, mountains, etc.)
  11. Looking at a weather forecast and seeing "Sunny" every single day.

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