Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Best DLC

Inspired by an off-handed text exchange with my brother, I got to thinking: what are my favorite DLCs? It seems like the sort of thing I'd make a list of, but it doesn't look like I have yet, so I thought I'd do it now!



Ground rules:

  1. "DLC" means any game that originally required the base game in order to play. I'm including Expansions in this list as well.
  2. The DLC has to unlock some meaningful content, such as additional story, levels, maps, mechanics, etc.
  3. While this is obviously very subjective, I'm trying to rank this in order of how much the DLC adds to my enjoyment of the base game. But if I didn't like the base game very much, there's only so much a DLC can do to improve it.
  4. Obviously, this only includes DLC that I've played and clearly remember. 
  5. This does include expansions that are now always sold with the base game (like Neverwinter Nights), so long as they were originally sold separately.

This list excludes:

  1. Free DLC, like Shadows of Hong Kong or Mass Effect 3: Enhanced Ending.
  2. Free updates, like "Game of the Year" / "Ultimate" editions, even if they add content.
  3. Episodic content.
  4. MMO expansions.
  5. DLC that just adds cosmetics.
  6. Boosts: free money, gear, etc.
  7. Mods, like "Fall from Heaven 2".
  8. Spin-offs or sequels.
  9. I've excluded most Paradox DLC, because honestly I have a hard time keeping track of what expansions add what content. They do make good DLC, though!

 Without further ado, here are my all-time favorite DLCs, ranked:

  1. Citadel
  2. Beyond the Sword 
  3. Mask of the Betrayer
  4. Trespasser
  5. Throne of Bhaal
  6. Fantastic Worlds
  7. Tales of the Sword Coast
  8. Awakening
  9. Mark of the Assassin
  10. Conflicts in Civilization
  11. Blood and Wine 
  12. Dawnguard
  13. Shivering Isles 
  14. Warlords
  15. In Nomine
  16. Burial at Sea
  17. Old World Blues
  18. Witch Hunt 
  19. Hordes of the Underdark
  20. The Descent
  21. Warden's Keep
  22. Forge of Virtue
  23. Tribunal
  24. Hearts of Stone
  25. Jaws of Hakkon 
  26. Omega
  27. Leliana's Song 
  28. Legacy
  29. Dragonborn 
  30. Shadows of Undrentide 
  31. The Silver Seed
  32. Stone Prisoner
  33. Golems of Amgarrak
  34. Bloodmoon
  35. Opposing Force
  36. Return to Ostagar
  37. Nights of the Nine
  I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some (particularly non-RPG ones), I may add to this list if I remember more!

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