Monday, December 19, 2005


As promised, here are some photos. Thanks to Jennie for the wedding pictures and Rajiv for the party pictures!

Jennie says: "The Guys. Some things never change." Josh and Nate to my left, Dave lurking ominously in the background. This is at the reception, I think prior to dinner.

Jennie says: "Maturity. The behavior improves eventually." Ever notice how, whenever you have multiple people in a shot, one of them is always doing something goofy? This time it was me. Sorry.

Jennie says: "Chris! The most I've ever seen Chris dance." What I love about this photo is how dark and muddled it is; if you sort of squint, you can convince yourself that that actually is Chris in there. I hope to see this spread through the Internet and spark endless debates on a scale not seen since the Loch Ness video. "I tell you, that's totally Chris dancing!" "Are you crazy? That could be anything. And anyways, scientists have proven it's physically impossible for Chris to dance."

On to Rocket Mobile '05!

Repeat this scene by about 100 times and you'll have an excellent idea of how we spent our evening. From left to right Jim (my boss), Young, Charles (who interviewed me) and Barry (my new office mate). In the foreground, some "It's only water, Chris! Just drink it!"

On my left is Jerry. Every time we have a party I end up spending a good half hour pestering him for more stories about his tenure at Sierra.

Wayne holding the plaque we gave him as Robert looks on. Ho ho ho!

There are more photos, but these should give you a general idea of the event without embarassing anyone too much. For Eyes Only. This web page will self-destruct in five minutes.

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