Thursday, May 15, 2008

Biked to Work Day!

Just a quick note: today is Bike to Work Day! Officially so in the Bay Area, but you can observe it wherever you are. If you're within pedaling distance of your office, give it a spin!

I was impressed by how many people I saw out riding today. It's really fun, and today is a great day to get started. With more cyclists around you're more visible, and there are refreshment stations set up all over where you can grab snacks, drinks, and more information about cycling opportunities.

Fate has struck again, and the weather didn't exactly cooperate this year. It will be the hottest day of the year to date, with San Jose expected to reach a whopping 99 degrees. That said, as long as you ride in the morning and evening, you should be fine, and with a brisk wind and the Bay Area's patented lack of humidity, it ought to be pleasant as well. Just be sure to bring water with you when you ride, and ride safe!

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