Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Minions! Prepare a feast to celebrate peace between our empires!

Eh... still having video issues, but it's not too bad. I need to skip the intro videos but the in-game graphics are fine, though I'm sure I'm missing out on detail. I'll probably use this as an excuse to pick up a new graphic card, I've had this one for... gosh, over three years now. That's an eternity in these circles.

First game is going fine. I debated doing the tutorial but jumped into a standard Warlord game. I think the biggest thing for me will be resisting the temptation to restore when things inevitably start going wrong; I need to get ready for when I play against y'all in a few weeks or months.

I think I'm already flubbing things. I went for Masonry because they said it would lead to Monotheism. They lie! Should read the science section more carefully, or maybe there's just a bug in the advisor script. Now I'm stuck with the City Walls tech and no enemies, plus somebody (my money is on the Indians) beat me to Mysticism. Now I'm trying to research Polytheism. I'll get out of this eventually, but for now it's a tad frustrating.

Anyhoo. Just ordered some pizza and should be able to get going on that soon. Stay tuned!


  1. HOW IS THE PIZZA?!?!?

    What kind of graphics card do I want to get?

    I hate this stupid country.

  2. It is good! I had to put it away because I knew that I'd just eat the whole thing, and that would be Bad News. It's Via Mia Pizza, the style is close to Domino's.

    I'll give a report on graphics cards tomorrow, probably. Any fairly modern standalone card should work.

    About to start my next post, now that I've crossed into AD and am rapidly approaching my first war.