Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Teen Angst

Still no Internet at home, sadly. I'm going to start wearing a hairshirt if it's still off tonight, just to get my mind off it.

I realized that I totally forgot to write about one of the sets on Saturday. Which is pretty odd, because it inspired my heading for that post. Saul Williams' set was probably the most hard-hitting and discomforting of the day. His music was incredibly powerful, but spoke directly to the anger and disaffection felt by many. His piercing opening song had the demanding refrain "Tell me where my ******* at," which reverberated, duplicated, overlaid itself until the lyrics were like a wall pressing out at the audience. Stirring stuff. Like J-Boogie and Spearhead, hip-hop colored most of his set, but again, his take on it was more brooding and challenging than optimistic and inviting.

He had some great moments. During one song he sang something like, "All these young brothers today, out doing weed, losing their minds. We should give them some magic mushrooms and open up their eyes." He also ordered people to dance, but got few takers.

On a totally unrelated note: after taking a break of several weeks after the move, I'm diving back into Morrowind. I'm getting close to complete on several of the guild tracks (Mages, Fighters, Thieves, Imperial Cult, Morag Tong), have already completed Hlaalu, and am at least halfway through all the other guilds (Imperial Legion, Temple). I think I'm entering the last stage of the main plot, too. I haven't even started Bloodmoon or Tribunal yet. I'm kind of racing through it now for two reasons. First, I'm getting increasingly excited about the upcoming release of Civ 4 (recently pushed UP to October from November). Secondly, the next Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, is coming out later this year and I'd like to have wrapped this up before I start on that. The Elder Scrolls games aren't exactly sequels, and I wouldn't be spoiling any plot points if I jumped into Oblivion, but I get the feeling it'll be too frustrating to return to Morrowind's engine once I've tasted the new one.

Hope all is well with you!

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