Monday, September 26, 2005

Your construction smells of corruption

Man, I have a lot of potential posts whirring around upstairs now (thoughts on Morrowind, review of Interface, anticipations of the next Civ). But I'm at work and actually am pretty busy. But, since I promised a list in my last post, here it is.

Five Most Liberating Feelings I've Had:
  1. Freedom to bicycle a distance from home in Burnsville, MN.
  2. Having spending money from my first real job at Frank's Foods.
  3. Going away to college.
  4. Living on my own during the summer of 2001 and working at an internship in my chosen career.
  5. Booking flights to Chicago and points farther away after graduation.
Of course, these aren't the BEST feelings I've had, but they've been accompanied by the greatest rush of liberating feelings.

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